Thursday, June 21, 2007

Q & A

Microsoft Office 2007

What do you need to know?

  1. Campus computers now have Office 2007 installed

  2. Teaching podiums now have Office 2007 installed

  3. Files created and saved in 2003 format (.doc) CAN be read by by 2007 version

  4. Files created and saved as .docx in 2007 CANNOT be read by earlier versions.

What can you do?

a. IF you have 2003 or earlier, download the free compatibility pack that will allow you to read 2007 files. Download at


b. IF you have 2007 and you aren't sure your students do yet, save your documents as 97-2003 document

ANGEL 7.1 Changes

As you know, last spring, ANGEL went through some much needed updates, mostly aesthetic rather than functional, but you will notice differences if you haven't been in recently. Check out the "Five Things Faculty Should Know about ANGEL 7.1"

There are many other ANGEL-related resources and how-to's available at the ANGEL Community Hub.

Get started using ANGEL in your courses right away is a great resource if you haven't yet used ANGEL... It is located at:

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